A Badger’s Panic

I woke up this morning in the middle of a panic attack. I can tell you it is not the best of feelings and to be honest I still think that I am in the midst of it. My bf actually had the same experience a couple of weeks ago and pretty much didn’t speak for two day after. This feeling is making me awful and I can feel a huge headache coming on and I doubt that I will be going to work today.

I think I will back up a bit and tell you a couple of day and tell you about what has happened during this week that I think that may have contributed to this feeling.

First off my sister went up to Hervey Bay which is a an approximate 4 hour drive from where we are. She then got abandoned there by the friend who took her up there. My her, step father then on Monday after working all day had to drive all the way up there to collect her. She has still then been a bit of a terror doing her usual of accusing people of stealing from, abusing her and calling people names.

My step-father and mother have also been fighting a bit of late mainly due to money and the fact that he will back up my sister no matter what her behaviour is like. He has also begun to use me as a bit of a shield. I usually go to bed really early as I will watch my shows on my iPad or on my TV. If they start to fight he will either call me down or if I have not gone up yet he will ask me to stay in the hope that I will back him up. I really don’t like being put in the middle of their fights especially since I will most likely not be siding with him anyway.

My sister has also been offered a job which is a good thing. My step-father on the other had will not let her take the job as he says that she is not well. That is true, she is not well, but if a person is not well shouldn’t they go and seek some kind of medical assistance. She doesn’t and he doesn’t encourage her to so how is she going to get any better?

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