Traumatic Badger



I have already spoken about my accident in another post and I got another doctor’s opinion in regards to it and his diagnosis was the same as my regular doc so pretty much I have to live with having a constant headache and accompanying neck pain. He did though recommend that I get my thyroid checked and have a sleep test done because I am also constantly tired though I sleeping well. He also suggested that I suffered from or am still suffering from PTSD due to the accident.

I never once thought this but now that he outlined it is probably correct. I still get nervous when a car I am in and I am a front seat passenger speeds up or when they go through a yellow light, especially when they had time to stop. I don’t like having trucks or bigger cars close beside me either. None of these were a contribution to my accident but my anxiety levels rise in these occasions.


It is that time of year again, it is State of Origin time and as I mentioned in a previous post I no longer watch the spectacle that is Mate vs Mate, State vs State. I used to love it look forward to it and my stop watching it has nothing to do with the fact that the team that I go for, The NSW Blues, have only won the series once in the last 10 years. My not watching any longer has to with an ex-boyfriend and one of the best players for the Queensland Maroons, Jonathan Thurston.  

Straight off the bat my ex was a drinker with a temper and was extremely jealous. There was nothing he liked better than starting a fight and he openly boasted about the fights that he had been in. His drink of choice was rum and rum and a temper and jealousy do no mix well at all. I had gone over to his house to watch the game which is on a Wednesday night and was naturally going to stay the night there as he lived on the other side of town. His roommate, his girlfriend and another friend were also there.

My ex spent most of the game in the backyard drinking with the friend and his roommate, the girlfriend and I watched the game. They would pop in every now and again to check the score or when something exciting happened. Every time he would pop in he would take pot shots at Jonathan Thurston because he was getting a lot of attention in the media at the time, and he still is to a certain extent, mainly because he is a great player and is pretty consistent. He had not watched the game and I was getting annoyed with him because of the remarks he was making so despite going for the opposition I defended him.

Stupid, Stupid Badger

My defence of this Queenslander and the fact that I had seen him at the airport once when I had gone to Sydney for a Harry Potter release party and had mentioned it to him when I got off the plane had my ex putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 1000. He claimed that I was in love with him. I was of course not, I was actually not in the least attracted to him in any shape or form and I think at the time said he looked like a monkey (I did not mean that in a racist manner at all).

He kept taking his pot shots at me and Jonathan Thurston and I kept on defending him with some assistance from the roommate and the gf. When the game finished, the Blues won btw, I went to bed. The ex followed and continued to take pot shots and called me a liar. I got angrier and angrier and threatened to punch him, he goaded me and I did end up punching him in the face. Unfortunately I had a silver with blue topaz ring on which had sharp corners, when I connected the ring scratched him and he got angrier and started beating my head against the headboard.

It was too late to go home that night and he took me to the bus stop the next morning for work and as I had training that day and I promised him that I would go over to his place the next day which was Friday for the weekend. I was a wreck and on Friday morning he kept calling me and calling me and eventually a colleague of my took me aside into one of the conference rooms. I told her what happened and she called in the boss they took photos of the bruises with my phone and sent me home. I broke my promise, which he didn’t like cause I don’t like breaking promises and he knew that, I considered my situation and how our relationship had been. Hell, even his sister-in-law had offered to assist in getting me away from him at once stage. On Monday I called him and broke it off. I did not ever want to put myself in the that position again over something as stupid as a football player.


So I know how a new tradition at Origin time I watch anime and not just any anime my favourite anime of all time.   Cowboy Bebop





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Dreaming Badger


I mentioned in a previous post that I have been having very vivid dreams. This has continued and though I am not much into dream interpretation, though admittedly I was at one stage during my more hippy/enlightened stage in my late teens early twenties. During this era I dabbled in card reading and such and still pull them out every now and again, though I might go into that at a later date.

Back to the dreams, I still wonder if they have anything to do with the change in medication or my general levels of anxiety. I might have to ask about that the next time I see my doctor or my psychologist. I still don’t remember them fully but I do remember them in one way or another and I will describe two that I have recently that I have placed into categories because I generally have a form of one or the other at least once a week. They are the wedding dream or the sexy dream.

The wedding dream usually has myself getting married and I am also running late with preparations for it. It is rare that I see the person that I am marrying but on a couple of occasions it has been my current partner. In the most recent one I was getting married in the next couple of days but I did not have dress picked out for myself or my attendants. I don’t know why but there was ram shackled house that nobody was living in near where I was living that me and my family would go and look for stuff under the house. I have no idea why we would do this.

On this particular day it was raining and we had no shoes on and me and my family were going down to the house to look under it again despite the fact that I was getting married and still did not have a dress. My 8 year old niece, who was in the wedding party and also did not have a dress, was particularly looking forward to going under the house. We get there and a family is in the house. They were European, maybe German, and we told them what we were doing there and the fact that I was getting married and they offered assistance in that. After that we went looking for dresses and I woke up.

Now the sexy dream happened Sunday night. I was going on some kind of trip with people that were familiar but I am not sure if I actually do know. It was kind of redo of school trip that they had done and were redoing with me tagging along. The trip was to Europe and has some kind of connection to a book/movie series that we were all fans of. The plane was large and roomy and the food was fancy and I was given a meal that was not meant for me. We landed in France first and for some reason I started acting like a coquette with the guys and speaking in a French accent. In Germany I was a little more dominate with the men, which they enjoyed and speaking with a German accent. This went on through each country.

Well that is all for now.

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Badger Socks


This entry maybe a little strange due to my Dumbledore choice of topic:


Now there is one thing that I can guarantee which is that at this time of year in my household it almost impossible to find a pair of socks, well for the girls of the household anyway. I buy approximately 20 pairs a socks a year and at the end of winter I will have no socks what so ever.

My boyfriend has already bought me four pairs of socks and I have worn socks twice since I got them. Do I have any socks in my sock draw at the moment? No, of course I don’t because that would be just be ridiculous. I am sure socks are getting washed and put back in my room and them I put them away and then they disappear again.

Now you see my sister, my mother, my niece and I all have around the same size feet and in general it is just too hard for my sister to think to buy something as simple as socks when there are drugs and cigarettes to buy which is of course way more important than keeping your feet warm. Not sure about my mother as I am sure she buys socks but on the odd occasion she will borrow a pair of mine and asks to do so, unlike my sister who never asks for anything and just takes. My niece I only see for a weekend every fortnight and tends to forget about bringing socks with her. She asks to borrow socks off me however and she was also bought socks by my bf recently.

So after work today I am off to buy some socks and hopefully the evil sock monster that lives somewhere in my house will decide that they don’t need any more socks and leave mine alone.


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Badger Sense Is Tingling

For a proclaimed DC girl I seem to write more about Marvel then I do anything regarding Batman, Superman and any other characters from the DCU and here’s another one.

I went and saw Captain America: Civil War over the weekend. This is not a review post which will be happening on my review blog.

I went to see this movie with my niece and my mother who was admittedly a ring in because my BF pulled out the morning of and I had already booked the tickets. This is this third time my BF has done this to me. I first offered the tix to both my brothers but they both had commitments.

On the way home my niece, who is 14 turning 15, asked us who we liked best. My mother said Iron Man because she likes Robert Downey Jr. I, on the other hand, could not answer the question. I do like Robert Downey Jr as well and I have nothing against any of the actors playing the characters and that is the rub. I am rather ambivalent to the MCU.

I will give a bit of an example I was watching the first episode of the new season of Game of Thrones with my BF and this is going to be a bit of spoiler if you watch Game of Thrones and haven’t seen the first ep. At one point in the episode Sansa and Theon are escaping from Ramsay Bolton and Winterfell and come across an abandoned hut. Riders from Winterfell catch up and Theon tries to tell them that Sansa is not with him and had died along the way. The riders don’t believe Theon and attack and find Sansa when Brienne of Tarth and Podrick arrive and battle the riders. When Brienne showed up I got really excited despite the fact that I kind of knew that she would.

The point being is that I have never once gotten excited for a Marvel movie, well maybe a little for the Avengers, and I have never felt any great like for any of the characters as well, like I do for Batman, Flash, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and strangely Cyborg. Sure I enjoy them as a whole but I don’t get emotional about the relationship of Cap and Bucky like some fans do. I didn’t go crazy with the first sighting of Spiderman in the trailer.

Speaking of Spider-Man I thought that I would try to elaborate on my dislike of the character. I really don’t know why I don’t like him. I never read the comics and we never really got the cartoons here and if we did I never watched them, well I don’t recall watching them. I do remember watching the X-Men cartoons however. I just think that getting bit by a radio-active spider at a science exhibit is a little stupid. I never watched the Toby McGuire movies and only saw the end of the first Andrew Garfield one. I have since tried to watch one of the cartoon series and couldn’t get through the first episode but then I don’t really think much of the Marvel cartoons except maybe the X-Men ones which I really like.

Despite my issues with him I will say that I did enjoy him in this movie, maybe because they actually got an actor close to the characters actual age and his interaction with Iron Man was really good.

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