Not Fun Badger

It is kind of funny that when you give something up and then when you feel like it just as a one of you no longer enjoy it. This has happened with two things that I have given up in the last couple of months. The first is coffee, which I have already mentioned that I was going to give up. Over the last couple of weeks I have been feeling like it. It really doesn’t help that you work in the city and every second place you pass on the way sells it. I had one last week with my lunch and I really didn’t enjoy it.

The other is anything carbonated like soft drinks, mineral waters and energy drinks. I gave this up because my stomach would feel horrible after having them. On Friday I felt like having a coke. I hated every sip I had because all I could taste was the sugar. I doubt that I could even drink the sugar free variety anymore. All I drink these days is water, the occasional juice, and tea.

I am not a drinker of alcohol either. I realised my limits early and most of it makes me feel ill especially dark liquors though I do enjoy Wild Turkey but very rarely. Wine, especially red wine makes me sick and I don’t really like the taste of beer and will only have it if I really feel like it. The only liquor I like is Vodka but once again I have to really feel like it. I also like cocktails as well, especially martinis.

My other major issue that I mentioned also in my last post is my computer. My boyfriend bought me a new computer for my birthday in August but I got in June. It is an Asus T300 Chi and I loved it. Two months later however I started having issues and eventually the screen just died and wouldn’t turn on. I was able to get it replaced straight away and another two months go by and it happens it again. Once again I am getting it replaced and the store people are really good about it but I am starting to wonder if I am jinxed when it comes to computers but the one before this one had issues as well. I don’t think that I necessarily rough on them but I am starting to wonder….

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Tired Badger

I am not the greatest of sleepers at the best of time and I have been taking something to help me sleep for a while. After yesterday’s twitchiness I thought I could probably go the night without taking the something. Boy, was I wrong. After tossing and turning for a couple of hours despite being exhausted I took the tablet and slept for about four hours only for my dog to wake me up. I think she wanted to go for a walk but 4 in the morning was just a little too early for me. I promised her that if she woke me up in a hour I would take her. She didn’t so we didn’t.

IMG_0101 Lady

 My twitchyness isn’t as bad today as it was yesterday. Stuck to my guns and did not have coffee but instead bought some decaffeinated green tea. I also bought some Greek Yogurt for breakfast to have with some breakfast biscuits. I cannot function right without breakfast.

Apart from being tired and a little twitchy I have a headache which is not at all that surprising considering I have a headache most days but because of my two T’s my headache is much more noticeable and annoying today. All I want to do is crawl my desk or into my bed and catch up on the sleep I lost last night and hopefully also lessen the tension in my head.

Today is Tuesday and it is my most hated day of the week. I have always hated Tuesday as you either have nothing to do or too much and the day either goes really fast or is a slow as a snail. I have hated Tuesday with a passion for a long time now and I honestly can’t see the why everyone has an issue with Mondays.

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Twitchy Badger

I have decided to start this blog because I like to write and also because I have recently been diagnosed with a severe case of anxiety and also depression and I am hoping that I can use this blog as a bit of therapy.

I also believe that this would be a good writing project as I have not done a lot of it lately. I am a Role Player, mainly Harry Potter, but haven’t been able to find the right site to suit me yet. I ran my own for a while but I wasn’t able to garner many members and the members that I did have lost interest.

I guess in many ways it was because when I created the site I had a story to tell and wanted the members of the site to help tell the story. They were free to tell their own stories as well but I guess it might have been difficult or intimidating knowing there was an overarching story that was there from the beginning. I would still love to tell that story someday as I have been wanting to find a way of moving it out of JK Rowling’s world and in to its own.

I have to say having anxiety is not comfortable at all. My insides have been jumpy all day and it is really tiring me out. To be honest the fact that I have been able to focus enough to write this much is a miracle. Since I was diagnosed I have trying to think of ways to assist with it and it has come up with one thing and I am not sure that I am going to like it. I have given up soft drinks and anything that is carbonated like sparkling water, and this was before I was diagnosed, because it made me feel bloated. I am now thinking that I am going to have to give up coffee.

I don’t drink a lot of coffee in the first place. One cup a day is enough for me usually and that one cup I enjoy a lot but I have read that caffeine is not good for people with anxiety. So I think that I will give up that one cup. Milk and I are not the best of friends anyway but I will miss the latte that I have every morning.

Not giving up tea and chocolate though that is going a little too far. Below is a link to a site containing foods that both help and hinder with anxiety.

Have you noticed yet?

If you haven’t then shame on you. If you have here’s a gold star gold-star-symbol. I am a Hufflepuff and I am proud of it. I know we are looked down up on by those are knowledgeable about anything Harry Potter related. Admittedly I initially thought I was a Gryffindor, but I think most fans do as the hero of the story is, but the more I got into the series and the more I contemplated it the more I came to realise the badger that I am. Pottermore, I know I know, confirmed it for me and I couldn’t be happier. If I am hybrid then I am a Gryffinpuff or Huffledor. If you have no idea what I going on about below is a quiz that will sort you into your hybrid house. .

Song of the Day

For a while now on social media platforms I have been doing what I call my song of the day. I choose a song, find a clip for it and but it on the various social medias that I use. The songs are random, usually what is in my head when I wake up unless I have used it already and then I try to go with something different. There is no rhyme or reason for it just something that I like to do. I thought I might do it here as well