A Badger’s Decision


Okay so my anxiety has gotten worse so much so that I had to leave and go home on Friday of last week because I just could not focus on anything. I had to explain the feeling to my boss because he has never had the feeling before. We broke it down to having approx 10 coffees in a short amount of time.  


I have put it down to my medication as I had been given a generic form of my medication and it was making me wired. I went to get my normal medication but my chemist had stopped getting it and had only the one that using and another that was way more expensive. I am still taking the medication but I am making sure that I eat before taking it as the anxiety isn’t as bad if I eat first.

Since it has been two weeks since my birthday I have come to the conclusion that it probably wasn’t that entirely that is the source of my current lapse. I am thinking that is the decisions that I have made that might be a contributing factor. That being my decision to move in with my bf, sister and her bf and also to return to study. I have a real bad habit of making decisions on the spur of the moment and they figuring out the consequences later on. That last time this happened I had got together with my bf, decided to study and also agreed to go overseas. Two out of three were good decisions the third one I never finished.

Another decision I made was to get back into Harry Potter written role play. I have been wanting to for a while it was just trying to find the right site and I think I found it though it is not exactly what I was looking for. I have only played in and around the Voldemort/Harry timeline and up to 10-20 years after the books were set and also in a PG kind of atmosphere. This time around is set in 2053 and it definitely a Adults website so much so that they have included a comfortability form to complete.

The staff and members are really friendly and I joined using the son of a character that I have had for a while. The good thing with this site is that they don’t mind you having multiple characters and to a certain extent they even encourage it so in the future I might bring in other characters that I have created. I just have to work on how they fit into the story being played out.

The site is called The Next Incantation and if you have any interest in role play I would love to see you there I am playing a character called Mack Wilde there.

The other thing that I have done recently is get back into Anime. Because of my DC binge I had stopped watching anime altogether but started up again over the weekend. I decided to re-watch Fairy Tail starting with the Phantom Lord arc and am currently on the Oración Seis arc. Though I love this show and love Erza and Jellal as a couple for some reason I don’t enjoy the arc’s where Jellal is prominent like this one and the previous Tower of Heaven Arc. Maybe it is because I don’t like seeing Erza vulnerable or her past and Jellal always brings that out in her.


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Badger on Respect

Alright so despite the medication my anxiety is quite high today and am having problems with concentration despite my work load. Also having trouble with decision making though admittedly it a rather frivolous thing that I have to decide on which is whether to buy Ant-Man through iTunes now or wait a week and buy a physical copy. The physical copy that I buy will have a digital copy as well so either way I will have it digitally it is just whether I can wait a week or more likely two weeks cause I can’t guarantee that I will have the money next week to get it.

You would think that with my bringing up Ant-Man that today’s post will be something Pop-Culture related and maybe even in relation to Marvel and maybe even Jessica Jones which I am watching by the way and only have two episodes left but actually I am going to talk real life matters today and about who I usually talk about when I talk RL…My sister.


She still has not filled her prescription and is apparently going cold turkey in her quest to give up smoking and that is not going to be fun. She was kicked out again on Friday night due to the fact that she had made small holes in the walls of her room due to her not having cigarettes but that did not last long as she returned Saturday night. She is allowed to stay under the proviso that she not further damage the house and swear. I think there are others but I can’t remember what they are at the moment.


She has also been talking about the fact that no one shows her any respect and we should all respect her. The only problem is that shows no respect to any one and it is very hard to respect someone that does not reciprocate. I mean how can you respect someone swears and carries on. How can you respect someone when they scream at you and are calling your mother a bitch and a slut especially in the middle of the street where a neighbour could hear you. How can you respect someone who is so selfish and demanding that you have to drop whatever you are doing so that you have to drive them up the road to get smokes or go to the library.


She treats everything in the house as it is hers, actually she treats the house is general as if she owns it and has actually told my mother to leave her house. If she buys something like food for the house it is hers and hers alone and will get angry with you for using but is ok for her to open and use anything and everything. It is like everything that is hers is hers and everything that is yours is hers as well.


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