Badger Socks


This entry maybe a little strange due to my Dumbledore choice of topic:


Now there is one thing that I can guarantee which is that at this time of year in my household it almost impossible to find a pair of socks, well for the girls of the household anyway. I buy approximately 20 pairs a socks a year and at the end of winter I will have no socks what so ever.

My boyfriend has already bought me four pairs of socks and I have worn socks twice since I got them. Do I have any socks in my sock draw at the moment? No, of course I don’t because that would be just be ridiculous. I am sure socks are getting washed and put back in my room and them I put them away and then they disappear again.

Now you see my sister, my mother, my niece and I all have around the same size feet and in general it is just too hard for my sister to think to buy something as simple as socks when there are drugs and cigarettes to buy which is of course way more important than keeping your feet warm. Not sure about my mother as I am sure she buys socks but on the odd occasion she will borrow a pair of mine and asks to do so, unlike my sister who never asks for anything and just takes. My niece I only see for a weekend every fortnight and tends to forget about bringing socks with her. She asks to borrow socks off me however and she was also bought socks by my bf recently.

So after work today I am off to buy some socks and hopefully the evil sock monster that lives somewhere in my house will decide that they don’t need any more socks and leave mine alone.


Song Of Day



I was not originally going to have another post today but my sisters behaviour last night compelled me to post as it annoyed me greatly. In her rants and mumbles she kept on talking about that the life that she leads now is not the life that she wanted or was meant to have and that everything that had has occurred in her life was forced on her by others and that she had no choice. These rumblings were all because she had no money and there for no cigarettes.

This lead me to think of free will which of course lead me to think of Harry Potter and in particular Dumbledore. My sister is the one that introduced me to JK Rowling’s world which has had a massive effect on me and I can’t believe that she has forgotten the story and also the major that is the choices that we make are what makes us who we are.

In the books Dumbledore refers to the choices people make twice. The first time in second book Chamber of Secrets when he says to Harry that “it is the choice that show what we truly are, not our abilities.” The second times is in my favourite of the books Goblet of Fire where he address the whole of the school after the death of Cedric Diggory, may Merlin bless his soul, “Remember, if the time should come when you have to make between what is right and what is easy what happened to a boy who was kind and brave…”

Now how this applies to my sister is that that no matter she is saying right now or when she is suffering from whatever withdrawal that is I going through is that it was her choice to date and marry the man that she did and have his children. She was not forced to take up smoking and take the drugs that she took. She might had been encouraged in some way to do so but she could have easily said no. It is was her choice to sign away the townhouse that she owned to him and sell the house and sign the paperwork that gave him more money when they separated, she was advised to do neither but she still did it. She might have really had no choice to come and live in our house but at that time she had nowhere else to go but she does have a “boyfriend” and she can stay with him but choose not to and then complains about it.

I really don’t know what life she thinks she should have had but there is no point in complaining about what you don’t have and focus on what you do because that will only make you unhappy and those around you unhappy. I never once thought that I would be the age that I am and have never married and still living with my parents, but I am and I am not going to complain about it and blame anyone else for it because it is my own doing and fault that it is the way that is it. I have a roof over my head, a good job, a family, friends, boyfriend and dog who love me and who I love in return. I have travelled and have hobbies that keep me entertained. It might not be much but it is all that I need.

Sure I suffer from anxiety, depression and headaches but I don’t see the point of complaining about what I don’t have and what I should have because that will only make me miserable. This leads to another Dumbledore quote and what I will leave us with today