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I am a Virgo and we can get quite precise and analytical and are known to be perfectionist. Now I am not that way all the time but when I am it annoys me to no end. At the moment I am on a bit of an organisational binge or I will be when I find the time. That time will be Friday because I have asked for the day off to complete this task. I just hope that I actually fulfil it cause I have a habit of making plans and not following through. Procrastination is another trait of the Virgo.

My object of annoyance that I need to organise, because it is driving me nuts, is my wardrobe and to a lesser extent the drawers in my bedroom. I guess you could say anything that has to do with clothes is driving me crazy because it is a mess and I can’t find anything. The last two weeks I have been researching the best ways to organise my wardrobe and what I will need to do and get because but that is what Virgos do. We prepare.

I guess I could be making a mountain out of a molehill, I mean Virgos are known to over-analyse and I do have a tendency to over think things, that comes with the anxiety I believe, but in this case I might not be. I was grocery with my BF and I stopped in the cleaning/storage section where there were they kept the storage options like boxes, bins, space bags and such. He looked at me and said that it was I needed to get fix up my wardrobe. If he is telling me that I need to clean up my wardrobe it can’t just be only me.

I also tend to bite off more than I can chew. With work, BF and study I already have a full plate but I am also considering starting up another Harry Potter role play site. Yeah, I know I joined a site not that long ago and though the people are super nice I am not role playing with anyone at the moment. I have sort of picked out a title but it is just a story line that I am having issues with. I mean not everyone is going to play to the story line but it is always good to have one in background. I don’t want to go with the one that I used last time because it too rigid but I don’t want to seem to be copying someone else either.

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Friday Badger

It is Friday so Yah!!
Being a Friday of a pay week it also means that my nieces are staying with us this weekend. We get them once a fortnight. It also means that my sister can be a little erratic in the days leading up to and also during their stay. I would definitely say that Monday was that day as she and Mum had a big fight which ended in my mother throwing stuff at her door. Tuesday my sister was all sunshine and roses and acted like nothing had happened the night before. Wednesday her “friend” showed up and took her for the day and night. She returned yesterday but I didn’t see her.

I would say that today she will be happy to a point because her kids are there. Most of tomorrow she will in a good mood but by the afternoon her “depression” will set in and she will be moody for the rest of the day. Sunday she will either be a troll and hide in her room for most of the day or she will be overly opinionated about things she really knows nothing about and annoy everyone else while she impresses these opinions on her youngest child.

Fun times ahead.

Luckily for most of Saturday I probably won’t be around. My boyfriend and I are going to watch his best friend play cricket. Well actually my boyfriend is there to watch cricket I am there to keep the best friends wife company while in the process most likely getting an huge headache because I will be sitting in the sun most of the day. Lucky for me I like the wife. We are then going to dinner after that which is something that I have been wanting to do for a while but since finding time to do that is a bit a chore as the best friends work hours are a little odd as he does shift hours and I am also the one that will most likely have to arrange it because the others can’t be bothered.

Sunday we don’t have anything planned but since I am do not like making plans to begin with because I rarely keep to them that is a good thing. Hopefully we will be watching Age of Ultron which I bought over a month ago and haven’t had a chance to watch it because of stuff and the fact that I wanted to watch it while my eldest niece was there.

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