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For a proclaimed DC girl I seem to write more about Marvel then I do anything regarding Batman, Superman and any other characters from the DCU and here’s another one.

I went and saw Captain America: Civil War over the weekend. This is not a review post which will be happening on my review blog.

I went to see this movie with my niece and my mother who was admittedly a ring in because my BF pulled out the morning of and I had already booked the tickets. This is this third time my BF has done this to me. I first offered the tix to both my brothers but they both had commitments.

On the way home my niece, who is 14 turning 15, asked us who we liked best. My mother said Iron Man because she likes Robert Downey Jr. I, on the other hand, could not answer the question. I do like Robert Downey Jr as well and I have nothing against any of the actors playing the characters and that is the rub. I am rather ambivalent to the MCU.

I will give a bit of an example I was watching the first episode of the new season of Game of Thrones with my BF and this is going to be a bit of spoiler if you watch Game of Thrones and haven’t seen the first ep. At one point in the episode Sansa and Theon are escaping from Ramsay Bolton and Winterfell and come across an abandoned hut. Riders from Winterfell catch up and Theon tries to tell them that Sansa is not with him and had died along the way. The riders don’t believe Theon and attack and find Sansa when Brienne of Tarth and Podrick arrive and battle the riders. When Brienne showed up I got really excited despite the fact that I kind of knew that she would.

The point being is that I have never once gotten excited for a Marvel movie, well maybe a little for the Avengers, and I have never felt any great like for any of the characters as well, like I do for Batman, Flash, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and strangely Cyborg. Sure I enjoy them as a whole but I don’t get emotional about the relationship of Cap and Bucky like some fans do. I didn’t go crazy with the first sighting of Spiderman in the trailer.

Speaking of Spider-Man I thought that I would try to elaborate on my dislike of the character. I really don’t know why I don’t like him. I never read the comics and we never really got the cartoons here and if we did I never watched them, well I don’t recall watching them. I do remember watching the X-Men cartoons however. I just think that getting bit by a radio-active spider at a science exhibit is a little stupid. I never watched the Toby McGuire movies and only saw the end of the first Andrew Garfield one. I have since tried to watch one of the cartoon series and couldn’t get through the first episode but then I don’t really think much of the Marvel cartoons except maybe the X-Men ones which I really like.

Despite my issues with him I will say that I did enjoy him in this movie, maybe because they actually got an actor close to the characters actual age and his interaction with Iron Man was really good.

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Zombie Badger

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

12:22 PM

The last couple of days I have felt like I am a zombie or something. It is not that I suddenly have a hankering for brains or anything like that but I feel like I am sleepwalking to a certain extent. It all started with a stye on my left eye and I have always considered my left eye to be the weaker one due to my car accident. The stye arrived on Tuesday of last week, see I told you Tuesdays were bad, and ever since Friday my vision in the left eye has be blurry to the extent that I spend some of the day with that eye closed. It is even worse at work because of the lights and looking at a screen all day and makes my headaches and anxiety even worse.


Sunday was particularly bad so much so that even my stepfather remarked that I did not look well. I looked like I had not slept, I had a puffy red eye and my head was pounding. I also felt like I could not focus on anything and I don’t mean mentally, I mean visually. I just wanted to sleep all day but it was my nieces weekend and my mother had invited a friend over to Sunday lunch plus the BF was there.


Well the doctor’s visit helped with the anxiety to a certain extent though I am still tired all the time and my headaches are not any better. My eyes just get so heavy, especially at work, and I am also beginning to sleep in which is something I have never been able to do. No matter how much caffeine and other pick me ups I have it doesn’t make any difference.


I have to say though with the excess sleepiness and maybe even the change in medication I seem to be dreaming rather vividly though admittedly I am not really remembering much of them only that they are clear when I am dreaming them. Like for instance last week I had a dream and a dream that I am pretty I have had before as I seemed to recall it while I was dreaming it. I know there were characters in it from books and movies that I have seen and I know that if I could remember the dream the premise behind it would make a really good story to write.


I am pretty sure that Snow White and Charming were in it and so were Marvel characters like Captain America and Iron Man and I have a feeling that they were not the characters names as such but more of a title that was inherited by a normal person. I also get the feeling that the most recent people to inherit these titles were not good people and up to the people who had inherited their nemeses titles to stop them as they were now good. I don’t think it makes much sense but I think that was the dream. Maybe my fandoms are getting muddled and are now just popping up in my dreams because I think the Winchesters were in it too. I have dreamed of them before also.


Another dream that I had was that me and my BF bought a house though it was in a place that we were not even considering buying. It was a really good price and it was by the seas and pretty much every room that we were in we could see the ocean. We were however considering knocking it down and building the house that we actually want which we have found.


I have also found the ring I want for my engagement ring, now I just have to wait to be asked….


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Marvel Badger

In my last post I went I went through my weekend plans and what do you know none of what was planned actually happened. Admittedly it was not me that kyboshed the weekend plans it was the boyfriend. This is why I don’t like making plans as it is very rare that they are followed through. I guess I am a go with flow kind of badger.

Actually one of plans actually did come to fruition this weekend and that was watching Age of Ultron with my niece. I saw it the first time in Gold Class opening weekend with my boyfriend and neither of us could say that we liked the movie all that much. We both found a little bit muddled and I personally didn’t like the way they handled the Black Widow character.

I didn’t enjoyed it any better on a second viewing and as a first time watcher my niece didn’t like it either. She found it very confusing and didn’t think any of it made much sense which to be honest, it doesn’t. She did however like the character of Quicksilver and found Aaron Taylor-Johnson attractive.

I have made mention that I am more of a DC girl than a Marvel one but I have seen all the Marvel movies and this is the first one I have not really enjoyed, which is a shame because I did enjoy the first one quite a bit. Actually I am going to introduce something that I like to do and that is listing. This list is based primarily on the Marvel movies alone and does not include other movies that are based on Marvel property such as X-Men and Spiderman though admittedly Spiderman has re-entered the fold he will probably never been included in this because I refuse to watch Spiderman movies because I do not like the character. It will also not include Marvel TV properties but I think that is obvious. I will say though that Agents of Shield is kind of disappointing, Agent Carter took me a while to get into but was good and Daredevil was great and I am looking forward to Jessica Jones.

Badger’s Marvel Movie Enjoyment List

1. Avengers

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

4. Captain America

5. Iron Man

6. Ant-Man

7. Iron Man 3

8. Thor

9. Iron Man 2

10. Thor: The Dark World

11. Avengers: Age of Ultron

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