A Badger’s Idea


I have mentioned before that I like to do written roleplay and in particular Harry Potter roleplay. I was a member of a site for a many years that I eventually was a mod on before it was shut down and I have been in and out sites since even running my own for a while. I was a member of site at the end of last year beginning of this but sort of lost interest mainly because I believed that the site didn’t have balance, this I believe is my anxiety speaking, and since then I have done numerous searches for a new site to play on and have found that most sites have the same issue or there is an element in the plot that I don’t like or think is feasible even though in most cases it is an AU site.

They all seem to be weighted towards the dark side of the force, to borrow a Star Wars phrase, and it bothers me greatly. Look, I see the allure in playing the dark-wizard but if you give the them an extra power or just power all together you have to give the opposition an opposing power or something they can use to fight back. You can’t just have a site full of Death Eaters and no Order or Order like group to fight back with. It’s no fun trying to play a hero or just a neutral character when the scale is in heavily in favour of the dark or dark sympathetic, especially when you feel like you have to be secretive all the time.

So I have been trying to think of a plotline that I can start my own site with and I think I have it but I really need feedback on it and also assistance. I was trying to find a website when I can voice such a thing but had no luck and had put something up in OOC section of one of the sites that I am a member of but I have had no responses so I thought that I might put it up here and see if I get a nibble.



The missing 20.


It is a little known tale that came from the second war. One month after the death of Albus Dumbledore 20 persons with magic in their blood disappeared. Differing in age, from the age of 15 and up, blood-status, and sex vanished without a trace within a span of a day. All disappearances were reported to the Ministry but with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his Death Eaters on the verge of taking of the Ministry of Magic the missing were soon forgotten and were assumed either dead or had left the country.


June 2017, 20 years later the 20 reappear. 10 appear in Glastonbury the other 10 in Seven Dials, London. They all appear to have not aged but are aware that they have.


Now it is a work in progress as I want there to be a reason for their disappearance, but maybe that can be a part of the plot, and I also want them to have obtained something while they were away though I don’t necessarily want it to be the same thing though whatever it will be will either fall on the dark or light side. Where they arrived will define what side of the line are aligned with as I see Glastonbury as the light and Seven Dials as the dark though I guess this could change if a different location suits better.

So if there are any role players out there and think this a good idea and would like to assist I will be mighty grateful.


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Virgo Badger



I am a Virgo and we can get quite precise and analytical and are known to be perfectionist. Now I am not that way all the time but when I am it annoys me to no end. At the moment I am on a bit of an organisational binge or I will be when I find the time. That time will be Friday because I have asked for the day off to complete this task. I just hope that I actually fulfil it cause I have a habit of making plans and not following through. Procrastination is another trait of the Virgo.


My object of annoyance that I need to organise, because it is driving me nuts, is my wardrobe and to a lesser extent the drawers in my bedroom. I guess you could say anything that has to do with clothes is driving me crazy because it is a mess and I can’t find anything. The last two weeks I have been researching the best ways to organise my wardrobe and what I will need to do and get because but that is what Virgos do. We prepare.

I guess I could be making a mountain out of a molehill, I mean Virgos are known to over-analyse and I do have a tendency to over think things, that comes with the anxiety I believe, but in this case I might not be. I was grocery with my BF and I stopped in the cleaning/storage section where there were they kept the storage options like boxes, bins, space bags and such. He looked at me and said that it was I needed to get fix up my wardrobe. If he is telling me that I need to clean up my wardrobe it can’t just be only me.

I also tend to bite off more than I can chew. With work, BF and study I already have a full plate but I am also considering starting up another Harry Potter role play site. Yeah, I know I joined a site not that long ago and though the people are super nice I am not role playing with anyone at the moment. I have sort of picked out a title but it is just a story line that I am having issues with. I mean not everyone is going to play to the story line but it is always good to have one in background. I don’t want to go with the one that I used last time because it too rigid but I don’t want to seem to be copying someone else either.

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A Badger’s Decision


Okay so my anxiety has gotten worse so much so that I had to leave and go home on Friday of last week because I just could not focus on anything. I had to explain the feeling to my boss because he has never had the feeling before. We broke it down to having approx 10 coffees in a short amount of time.  


I have put it down to my medication as I had been given a generic form of my medication and it was making me wired. I went to get my normal medication but my chemist had stopped getting it and had only the one that using and another that was way more expensive. I am still taking the medication but I am making sure that I eat before taking it as the anxiety isn’t as bad if I eat first.

Since it has been two weeks since my birthday I have come to the conclusion that it probably wasn’t that entirely that is the source of my current lapse. I am thinking that is the decisions that I have made that might be a contributing factor. That being my decision to move in with my bf, sister and her bf and also to return to study. I have a real bad habit of making decisions on the spur of the moment and they figuring out the consequences later on. That last time this happened I had got together with my bf, decided to study and also agreed to go overseas. Two out of three were good decisions the third one I never finished.

Another decision I made was to get back into Harry Potter written role play. I have been wanting to for a while it was just trying to find the right site and I think I found it though it is not exactly what I was looking for. I have only played in and around the Voldemort/Harry timeline and up to 10-20 years after the books were set and also in a PG kind of atmosphere. This time around is set in 2053 and it definitely a Adults website so much so that they have included a comfortability form to complete.

The staff and members are really friendly and I joined using the son of a character that I have had for a while. The good thing with this site is that they don’t mind you having multiple characters and to a certain extent they even encourage it so in the future I might bring in other characters that I have created. I just have to work on how they fit into the story being played out.

The site is called The Next Incantation and if you have any interest in role play I would love to see you there I am playing a character called Mack Wilde there.

The other thing that I have done recently is get back into Anime. Because of my DC binge I had stopped watching anime altogether but started up again over the weekend. I decided to re-watch Fairy Tail starting with the Phantom Lord arc and am currently on the Oración Seis arc. Though I love this show and love Erza and Jellal as a couple for some reason I don’t enjoy the arc’s where Jellal is prominent like this one and the previous Tower of Heaven Arc. Maybe it is because I don’t like seeing Erza vulnerable or her past and Jellal always brings that out in her.


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Geek Badger

I mentioned yesterday that I would have like to have spent my post talking about my interests instead of the craziness that is my sister. So instead I will do it today. I guess you could say that I am a geek and I wouldn’t take that as an insult at all. My boyfriend called me a geek a couple of weeks ago. Actually he called me a nerd and I corrected him. Nerd is a little more insulting in my mind.

I came late to my geekdom. I was probably more of a tomboy as I liked watching football, listening to music and reading trashy romance novels.  I was then introduced to Harry, through surprisingly enough my sister, she had read the book and thought I would be interested but I dismissed it because it was a kids book. She wanted to see the first movie and I went to see it with her and then I read the book. All over red rover from there.

I got involved in the online Harry Potter community and joined sites like Mugglenet and The Leaky Cauldron mainly theorising and a little Fan Fiction. I joined a smaller site called Godrics Hollow and mainly theorised there as well and I eventually became a moderator. It was also here that I found role play. I started out as a student character but eventually became a Professor and Gryffindor Head of House, that was what my character was and I what I considered myself to be at the time. I also dabbled in signature creation.



I also started collecting pieces of Harry Potter merchandise and memorabilia. I own a set of robes, Gryffindor but I hope to get a set of Hufflepuff ones as well, scarves, t-shirts, a school jumper, wands (Lupin’s and more recently Harry’s), film cells, action figures, the Scene It Game, Blu Ray box set and of course the books and audiobooks. I have also been to the Harry Potter Exhibition when it was in Sydney, Australia. I would love to also go to the theme parks but for that I will have get by boyfriend on a plane which is not going to be easy.

My love of Potter and my involvement on Godrics Hollow also lead me to another one of my loves which is anime which I think I will leave to another post.

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Twitchy Badger

I have decided to start this blog because I like to write and also because I have recently been diagnosed with a severe case of anxiety and also depression and I am hoping that I can use this blog as a bit of therapy.

I also believe that this would be a good writing project as I have not done a lot of it lately. I am a Role Player, mainly Harry Potter, but haven’t been able to find the right site to suit me yet. I ran my own for a while but I wasn’t able to garner many members and the members that I did have lost interest.

I guess in many ways it was because when I created the site I had a story to tell and wanted the members of the site to help tell the story. They were free to tell their own stories as well but I guess it might have been difficult or intimidating knowing there was an overarching story that was there from the beginning. I would still love to tell that story someday as I have been wanting to find a way of moving it out of JK Rowling’s world and in to its own.

I have to say having anxiety is not comfortable at all. My insides have been jumpy all day and it is really tiring me out. To be honest the fact that I have been able to focus enough to write this much is a miracle. Since I was diagnosed I have trying to think of ways to assist with it and it has come up with one thing and I am not sure that I am going to like it. I have given up soft drinks and anything that is carbonated like sparkling water, and this was before I was diagnosed, because it made me feel bloated. I am now thinking that I am going to have to give up coffee.

I don’t drink a lot of coffee in the first place. One cup a day is enough for me usually and that one cup I enjoy a lot but I have read that caffeine is not good for people with anxiety. So I think that I will give up that one cup. Milk and I are not the best of friends anyway but I will miss the latte that I have every morning.

Not giving up tea and chocolate though that is going a little too far. Below is a link to a site containing foods that both help and hinder with anxiety.


Have you noticed yet?

If you haven’t then shame on you. If you have here’s a gold star gold-star-symbol. I am a Hufflepuff and I am proud of it. I know we are looked down up on by those are knowledgeable about anything Harry Potter related. Admittedly I initially thought I was a Gryffindor, but I think most fans do as the hero of the story is, but the more I got into the series and the more I contemplated it the more I came to realise the badger that I am. Pottermore, I know I know, confirmed it for me and I couldn’t be happier. If I am hybrid then I am a Gryffinpuff or Huffledor. If you have no idea what I going on about below is a quiz that will sort you into your hybrid house.

http://www.hypable.com/hybrid-hogwarts-house-quiz/ .

Song of the Day

For a while now on social media platforms I have been doing what I call my song of the day. I choose a song, find a clip for it and but it on the various social medias that I use. The songs are random, usually what is in my head when I wake up unless I have used it already and then I try to go with something different. There is no rhyme or reason for it just something that I like to do. I thought I might do it here as well