Badger’s Wedding – The Date is Set

Harley Heart

So me and the Eagle have set a date. From now on I think that is what I will call him when I refer to him in my posts. He is a Ravenclaw after all and his favourite NRL rugby league team is the Manly Sea-Eagles so it is fitting. He goes for divisive football teams, he goes for the Collingwood in AFL. It is weird that he has chosen teams and got sorted into the house with bird emblems because he doesn’t like to fly and doesn’t like heights.

After sitting down and going over the calendar print outs for the next couple of years we come to agreement on this date.

Saturday 9th March 2019

We decided that we didn’t want to get married in Summer or Winter due to the either being too hot or cold though admittedly Brisbane Winters are not all that bad but you never know. So that left Autumn or Spring. We ruled out Autumn of next year because of time and money. We did consider the last couple of months of November because I wanted my one of my nieces, who is born in the first week of November, to be older as she is a Junior Bridesmaid and I wanted her to be a little older when we got married.

So that left 2019 as being the year. April and May are just a little busy due to birthdays and wedding anniversaries already so that left March and Spring. We did consider September but with the lead up to Christmas and another batch of birthdays in October and November, March seemed to be a best option.

Now that we have timeline to work to we or should I say I can start planning. The Eagle has left it all on my shoulders as he believes that the only things he needs to do is ask and then show up. I have been offered help and I have already nailed down most of the wedding party and decided on colours and themes and such. The colours are classic black and white with splashes of red with a bit of a superhero theme as I am Harley and the Eagle is my Joker. The men in the wedding party will all be wearing superhero themed ties with the Eagle wearing a Joker one.

Wedding Ties

We are looking towards having a backyard reception. My eldest brother has an acre lot and we will most likely have the reception there with the ceremony possibly at a local park that has a gazebo and waterfall. I am trying to do with on a strict budget as neither of us have much money.

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Badger’s Big News

So the bf is no longer the bf any longer he is now the fiancé. Being the un-romantic kind he took me and one of my nieces to a local mall told me I had a budget and to choose a ring. I found one, he bought it and I am now an engaged badger. 


So I guess you can say that I have added a little more anxiety to the picture as I know have a wedding to arrange though when that will be I have no idea. If I had the money I would want as soon as possible but money is going to be the problem. I have debt on top of debt at the moment and the fiancé no longer has a job as he quit it due to personality clashes and the stress that the job had been bringing him. He also has no idea what he wants to do next and knowing him as I do he will take his time and be lazy about it too.


I guess the other big news is that my sister no longer lives with me. After another stint in hospital she has been released and has got a place of her own or she may be living with people she knows. We are not sure which one as she hasn’t really told us anything. She took her dog and then returned him and says that she is going to collect her stuff. She has also broken into the house twice.


My mother is no longer speaking to my youngest brother due to his wife in one of her fights where her opponent has no idea that they are fighting. Though admittedly he is not making an effort to talk to her so maybe he is more aware than we know. He usually calls her once a week and hasn’t since the dispute occurred. She though does have a good reason for her anger at my brother and sister-in-law.


State of Origin starts tonight and for the first time in a long time it seems that I will have to watch the match. I really don’t want to watch as I was going to start my yearly watch of Cowboy Bebop tonight but the fiancé is coming over to watch the match as he is unable to as he can’t get a signal where he is at the moment. He really needs to move in and with my sister gone he can though I guess with him being unemployed….


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Dreaming Badger


I mentioned in a previous post that I have been having very vivid dreams. This has continued and though I am not much into dream interpretation, though admittedly I was at one stage during my more hippy/enlightened stage in my late teens early twenties. During this era I dabbled in card reading and such and still pull them out every now and again, though I might go into that at a later date.

Back to the dreams, I still wonder if they have anything to do with the change in medication or my general levels of anxiety. I might have to ask about that the next time I see my doctor or my psychologist. I still don’t remember them fully but I do remember them in one way or another and I will describe two that I have recently that I have placed into categories because I generally have a form of one or the other at least once a week. They are the wedding dream or the sexy dream.

The wedding dream usually has myself getting married and I am also running late with preparations for it. It is rare that I see the person that I am marrying but on a couple of occasions it has been my current partner. In the most recent one I was getting married in the next couple of days but I did not have dress picked out for myself or my attendants. I don’t know why but there was ram shackled house that nobody was living in near where I was living that me and my family would go and look for stuff under the house. I have no idea why we would do this.

On this particular day it was raining and we had no shoes on and me and my family were going down to the house to look under it again despite the fact that I was getting married and still did not have a dress. My 8 year old niece, who was in the wedding party and also did not have a dress, was particularly looking forward to going under the house. We get there and a family is in the house. They were European, maybe German, and we told them what we were doing there and the fact that I was getting married and they offered assistance in that. After that we went looking for dresses and I woke up.

Now the sexy dream happened Sunday night. I was going on some kind of trip with people that were familiar but I am not sure if I actually do know. It was kind of redo of school trip that they had done and were redoing with me tagging along. The trip was to Europe and has some kind of connection to a book/movie series that we were all fans of. The plane was large and roomy and the food was fancy and I was given a meal that was not meant for me. We landed in France first and for some reason I started acting like a coquette with the guys and speaking in a French accent. In Germany I was a little more dominate with the men, which they enjoyed and speaking with a German accent. This went on through each country.

Well that is all for now.

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