Not Fun Badger

It is kind of funny that when you give something up and then when you feel like it just as a one of you no longer enjoy it. This has happened with two things that I have given up in the last couple of months. The first is coffee, which I have already mentioned that I was going to give up. Over the last couple of weeks I have been feeling like it. It really doesn’t help that you work in the city and every second place you pass on the way sells it. I had one last week with my lunch and I really didn’t enjoy it.

The other is anything carbonated like soft drinks, mineral waters and energy drinks. I gave this up because my stomach would feel horrible after having them. On Friday I felt like having a coke. I hated every sip I had because all I could taste was the sugar. I doubt that I could even drink the sugar free variety anymore. All I drink these days is water, the occasional juice, and tea.

I am not a drinker of alcohol either. I realised my limits early and most of it makes me feel ill especially dark liquors though I do enjoy Wild Turkey but very rarely. Wine, especially red wine makes me sick and I don’t really like the taste of beer and will only have it if I really feel like it. The only liquor I like is Vodka but once again I have to really feel like it. I also like cocktails as well, especially martinis.

My other major issue that I mentioned also in my last post is my computer. My boyfriend bought me a new computer for my birthday in August but I got in June. It is an Asus T300 Chi and I loved it. Two months later however I started having issues and eventually the screen just died and wouldn’t turn on. I was able to get it replaced straight away and another two months go by and it happens it again. Once again I am getting it replaced and the store people are really good about it but I am starting to wonder if I am jinxed when it comes to computers but the one before this one had issues as well. I don’t think that I necessarily rough on them but I am starting to wonder….

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